About us

About us

The Company was established 1990, as technical support for Yachts and, 1992 even for commercial shipping.

By this time Maria owned a Travel bureau, specialized in customized Vacation arrangements.

We combined our business experiences a year later, and increased our business range with exclusive service, to Mercedes-Benz, with an overall solution for VIP customized delivery for Maybach, McLaren SLR, AMG and other kind of special vehicles.

Known for our high quality management and discretion, we have got some inquiries from our customers, concerning private Aircraft services - so a few years ago we decided to provide them with this service too.

In 2007 we started at Malmö Airport - Hangar 11/29 a workshop for GA with surfacetreatment / refurbishing and Pilot support. One year later we got our FIRST Private Business Jet as Customer.

2011 is the year of success - we are the Fastest at the Airport for handling of Medical flights - independent of priority.

Appreciated of our Clients is even the ability access to Personal Executive Protection Services..we have got our Company Frequency, after nearly six month explaining to the Authority that we realy do need this kind of communication, welcome on 130,175 MHz.

2012 the year of changes - we are moving our offices closer to the Hangar and Apron Area, starting up the transport of valuables, with great success, thanks to our loyal customers.

2013 the year of challenge...several Helicopters and the first BBJ to serve - as usual NO PROBLEM and more than satisfied Clients and Crew. We really do love this business.

2020 will be the year of challenges - which we are prepared for and will be "STILL GOING STRONG"

So....even today we haven´t regreted our decision, and hope that even YOU, become one of our satisfied customers.


Things have to work out effective...
...must be well planned and organized.

Safety is mandatory and no option...

...otherwise WE are wasting OUR precious TIME.